Sunday, May 18, 2014

Be Happy

" Segala Puji Bagi Allah Tuhan Sekalian Alam"

Alhamdulillah i managed to actually go and had one of the best experience at ilmfest2014 at picc putrajaya today. Indeed, i know it's going to be amazing like "being me" "reclaim your heart" "teins of faith." Yap! It's amazing. Eventhough did not stay till the end but i already had my best 5 hours kat sana. 

But what i'm going to share now is one of the amazing points shared by sheikh navaid aziz . Every speaker is wonderful , but it's going to be this one which i would like to share at this time. What time is it now again? Okay 1 am. Malas masih muda beb. Pause sekejap aaa bagi ingat akhirat sat. Muahaha 

No really. I can't remember which speaker said this line but , he said " if you're searching for something to motivate you, it's going to be the motivation of akhirah."


Let's be happy . How? 

1# Muhasabah ourselves before we go to bed. You know ( unless when you're super tired you would actually fall asleep without a second to think) , when we're on bed trying to sleep we actually think a lot. Everything comes to our mind, and instead of thinking the problem we are facing ,we HAVE TO start muhasabah on what we have done during that day. Every problem has solution and the solution is how we actually overcome the problem. It starts with ourselves. Thus, it's very important untuk kita pikir balik how we appreciate ourselves, how we treat others, macam mana kita dengan tuhan, apa kita dah buat. Simply, " what have i done today?"

2# Being Grateful to Allah. 
Yap always and always. Allah has promised, the more we grateful, the more He'll reward us. Always find one good thing around us. Even if thanking Allah because we can still breathing, having a healthy body, being able to walk to talk, to eat and etc . Every SINGLE thing . Including the test you are facing, sh navaid aziz said no matter how great the calamity or the problem is, remember that Allah's blessing is always the greater and infact, the greatest! Cool kan . Allah is so amazing :')

3# To ask forgiveness from Allah.
We never know . Kalau dengan manusia yang kita nampak tu pun mungkin ada banyak tersalah silap. Apa lagi dengan Allah yang kita selalu terambil mudah sebab we forgot Allah is watching us. Always try to teach ourselves , rajinkan diri istighfar especially when we've done wrong. When we make du'a, ask forgiveness from Allah for us, our parents and beloved ones. Allah is most- forgiving . 

4# Let go negative things and people
" it might be very difficult. when you have friends and you have known them for a long time but they are the one whom when you're feeling down, they ask you to be happy in wrong ways. They would bring you to do ma'siat . Further from Allah. Thus, let go. Remember, Allah will test us.He will give us a better life , a better people. " to be/gain better thing is to sacrifice negative people/ thing for the sake of Allah." Allah is the best planner. 

And of all, 

5# Know Allah. "when we start knowing Allah , we can't help it except to love and worship Allah . Alone " :')

And always remember to recite this du'a everyday : 

رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَفِي الْآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً وَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ 

Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and save us from the punishment of the Fire!”

I don't know but somehow i've heard about this for few times from different people, but to have someone who reminds us again and again and again, it feels, idk maybe Allah loves us beyond much kan? MashaaAllah ! Really maaan. *taktahu nak lap air mata dulu ke nak gelabah dulu ke sebab rasa banyak buat dosa ke atau kedua dua nya sekali atau cuma bertenang dan senyum dan menangis sebelum meneruskan kehidupan dengan lebih baik . Yaa marilah memilih peaceful way to overcome anxiety and worry dan start making move . No worries, everything takes time. You just have to start. hayya alal falah human being* 

* credit to sh navaid aziz for the main points of "key to happiness" and inspire me to elaborate them to remind myself and inshaaAllah share it with others* #ilmfest2014 


cikmisi leen said...

yapp.. betul tu.. sentiasa bersyukur dan sentiasa memohon kemaafan padaNYA .. ~~thanks for sharing these .. #

Aqilah Azmi said...

Thanks kak Dena!
Perfect sangat notes nya.
Hihi. Thanks share.
Serious bagus :)
Muhasabah diri,
Mintak ampun,
Ingat Allah,
Syukran kak Dena!


BLuRpL3 said...

Tima kasih dena, perkongsian yg menarik utk dijadikan peringat utk diri kita. I agree with u, Allah is the best planner of all :-)

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Sarah Zulkifli said...

really beautiful yet meaningful :)

Yasmin Yusuf said...

nice sharing kak dena.Yes we need to know allah and if we want to know him then we are obligated to seek for a knowledge..tingkatkan ilmu fardu ain..kenal ciri2 tauhid allah..subhanallah..sesungguhnya orang2 yang beriman itu akan gementar hati mereka bila disebut nama allah..bila datang ujian hati nie rasa dekat sangat dengan allah sebab kita tahu itu tandanya dia masih lagi nak pandang kita..

Amyz Azlie said...

Thanks for sharing, adik Dena. :-)

alyaa aidee said...

Padat :) really Nikmat Allah sangat mahal.