Wednesday, June 18, 2014

klia2 "what's in your bag?"

I am so excited about klia2! 
yaaaa our Malaysia airport! I’m so proud to be a Malaysian maaaan!
and you guys would be wondering why am i so excited about it.
lemme tell ya ladies and gentlemen!

I've check it out on their website which you can also check it out at and you might get excited when you see the photos of how klia2 gonna look like and you have to see their tender results it's so cool and i was like, this is gonna be sooo exciting it's like waiting for your flight and you don't mind because there are  a lot of cool places you can wander in klia2! i think if any of my family members or friends wanna go somewhere i wanna send them to airport because it's gonna be like chilling in the mall ! so elegant sophisticated big and futuristic and i bet it's gonna look eveeeen better when i actually be there .

However,  the more interesting part is klia2 are offering a lot of retail selections which include food,beverage,lifestyle,fashion,electronis,duty-free and non duty-free stuff like i've mentioned, it's like a mall!  

Also, what's better is they are having-- the What’s In Your Bag Giveaway! they are doing the giveaway which is worth 5k worth of prizes yeaaaa FIVE THOUSAND! And there will be one winner per day for 15 days starting from 9 June until 23rd June and grand winner gonna wins rm25,000 shopping spree at KLIA2 . THIS GIVEAWAYS IS INCREDIBLY AMAZING! YET IT’S SUPER EASY!


Login to
Upon arriving at the website, a pop up will appear announcing that they have a chance to win products they have shopped with a given budget of RM5,000.

On the main page, users are encouraged to browse around and check out klia2’s offering online by spending the RM5,000 given to them. 
Users simply “add to cart” anything they want from the website.
Once users are satisfied with selecting what they wish for with RM5,000 they can proceed to check-out.
Upon successful completion of checkout, all users are automatically entered into a lucky draw with everything that they’ve purchased.  

On the day of the launch, a lucky winner will be announced to win RM25,000 shopping spree at klia2. (Do note that the winner will only be announced on the launch, the actual shopping spree will not take place on the same day)
Do note that anyone above 18 years of age, from anywhere will be eligible to participate. However, prize redemption will only be available locally, from klia2 itself. 

BESTNYA! let's try, who know's it's gonna be you! your rezqi ! :D

I’ve participated and select my 5k worth of items! Check out my picks! 

For more information and to get more excited about the launch and the gieaway, you should check out 

 Don't forget to follow their FB PAGE to follow up the daily winners of RM5000!   

Instagram: indulgemyairports
Twitter: indulge_my

All the Best people! may the luck be ever in your favor :D

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N.A.T said...

Sy pun dah join .. TQ Dena for sharing