Monday, August 1, 2016

random mine

Sometimes life is so wonderful ,
There's a time it goes very awful ,
Don't be sad just stay cool ,
because god made us all beautiful.

Be regret with the mistake you made ,
but don't make the same for twice ,
be thankful with what you had ,
so you can do things oftenly wise.

I know i can't be perfect ,
i know i can't fulfill every wish ,
but everyone should know that i don't act ,
I'm not the one who act like a bitch.

I get into failure ,
i also can achieve the success ,
in my life , eveything flows very pure ,
And for your information ,i'm always try to be the best.


hani said...

hi dena,jmpt dtg rmh ak tau esk..
kau x lupe lg kn jln rmh ak??
jgn lupe tau!!
ajk la sesape yg nk..
jmpt fam kau skali..

Dena said...