Friday, September 23, 2011

You're looking for a boyfriend or a husband?

Kejap , tadi aku rasa idea mencurah curah , Tetibe nak start tulis , semua benda hilang :O Anyway ,me myself feel like going to share or to be exact , telling my opinions about guys , not generally but , ehm I'm going to talk about love and boys. uhmmm how's that? *angkat angkat kening* . No offense boyzzzzz, it just some kind of opinions and everything I'm going to share later are just something based on experience of myself ,friends and people around me. So ya cool brothah ? cool yaww cool.

Amaran : Aku tahu kau tak suka jiwang jiwang tapi boleh blah , kasar otai mana pun.Once kau dah jatuh cinta , you should know how to handle it.

First question ; Why do people talk about love?

Other people ; Minority would say , they just feel like talking about it.
                         Majority would say , They are in love.

Myself ; I've been in love , I've been dumped , I've met a lot of different guys , I've seen true love , I've seen people who got stupid because of puppy love , I was stupid , last but not least , maybe I just realize what true love really is. I'm not in love right now, but I believe in Allah's plan where I know I will fall in love ,maybe at that time,it will be with the right person and at the right time.In fact, I'm teaching myself how to love.  Allah , Prophet S.A.W, Family & Real friends. They are true love.

1# Know only for a week or maybe two , and , ''PLEASE BE MY GIRLFRIEND!''

a day , a week ,  2 weeks ,  a month. Seriously dudee?! seriously? Ok we girls sometimes terbodoh jugak , get that . Heyy , A lady is doing the talk now. eh eh #overdena. Ha seriously?! Dear sisters , i've been int that situation and please , it doesn't work this way. it maybe will , but , for a short time. Give a lil bit space & time . Guys , don't be too rush . Making a girl as your girlfriend actually tak bawak kemana lagi , so let Allah settle it down lah, Being your girlfriend or boyfriend tak jamin kebahagiaan mahupun forever and ever. Bila betul suka , slow down ,don't rush , jika mampu , buatlah apa yang patut , kalau tak, bagitahu Allah , Allah yang settlekan jodoh kita. So relaaax , tak dapat si dia , ada yang lebih baik la tu (:

2# When a guy said ; I gave you everything ,why can't you just agree to be my girlfriend?

Everything = Material. Right ! *angkat kening sebelah bagai ziana zain* . Listen , kami perempuan memang suka gifts , but there are some rules  ( exception for materialistic girls) . Not everyday , not trying to spoil us with all the gifts , and the most important one is , not giving what you've given us and expecting something.I meant, bagi biar ikhlas . Kalau beri harapkan belaian , itu nafsu membabi buta (saya tak mencarut :3 ) . Ada faham bro? Perempuan itu bukan pelacur mengharapkan belaian kasih sayang forever and ever kaulah dunia gifts hugs and kisses pegang sini pegang sana JE . Baby girls , beware please? Lelaki boleh tinggalkan kita bila bila je sayang , bila bila je . There's no such thing as forever and ever, before kahwin.Takut kesian suami , berapa banyak laki perlu beri segala sampai jumpa lelaki sebenar yang akan jadi suami si perempuan? Nauzubillah. Girl friends , jauhi lelaki seperti ini.

'' Semua orang mempunyai Fitrah , tapi bila Fitrah itu tidak diiringi dengan Hidayah .Itu yang menjadikan Fitrah itu menjadi Fitnah. '' - Ust.Pahrol

To be continued ......

p/s : this is general , not to offend anyone.  Sorry .



afifah said...

suka entry kak dena yg ni :)

Unknown said...

terima kasih :) peringatan buat semua :)

Aliah Athirah said...

Agreed. I've been in that kind of situation too. Baca ni at the same time tertiba terflashback balik zaman muda dulu. Eceh. :)

Isya said...

sukaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

Unknown said...

aliah :) hehehehe! kaaaan , ada je kita lalui semua ni ahaha.

isyaaa thankyouuu :)

Syuhada said...

Well said.

Kan bagus semua orang fikir macam ni.