Friday, August 1, 2014

Definitely my choice. Our Choice.

salam again!
and hello,

So in my previous post about dumex, I did mention about Mamil. However at that moment I could barely see the changes in my son’s poo. I was a little worried in the beginning as he’s been rejecting other formula milk. However, when I give him Mamil, surprisingly, he drinks it yay ummi! 

Today it’s been a month plus since I started training my son to drink Mamil everyday, he has it for supper before he sleeps. He is adorable he likes to eat crackers while watching elmo and after his done he wants to drink milk! 

 So far, so good. I think he likes it so i’m happy hehehe.
As you know, 75% of your child’s total brain growth takes place during the stage of age 1 to 3 years old. And Dumex Mamil is precisely formulated with the highest levels of DHA and has the important nutrients to support a child's optimum growth and development.

Therefore, it is very important for kids to consume enough DHA during those early stages, because that’s the age when kids are learning a lot, they pick things up really easily. They are seeing and learning a lot based on what we do. My son he likes to observe us and recently his trying to talk well it’s more like sounds but I have no idea what his saying! I don’t know if anyone else feels this way.

Above all things, Mamil® with PreciNutri™ contains a combination of Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture scGOS/lcFOS (9:1) that is scientifically proven to promote a healthy gut environment. Mamil®.

My son has been taking Mamil for about a week now. For the time being I am giving him about 2 ounces before he sleeps to try and get him use to it. I noticed there is a slight change in his bowel movement. IT’S A GOOD SIGN! Since he has started eating solid foods, he really likes rice, chicken, fish, vegetable, cookies and etc. So when he’s about to poop, he gets a bit cranky but for the past one week he hasn’t been cranky. Amazaaaaaang!

 Below is a picture on how to prepare the milk. I used this as a guidance so I thought of sharing it with you guys. There are times when he doesn’t want to drink hot or warm milk, that’s when I actually add a lil bit of cold water. I will just follow his mood, “I wanna hot one, I wanna cold one” I don’t care as long as it’s Mamil. 

These (might be small changes to you), but these are such big changes for me, a good stomach compliments a good sleep. I can sleep much much better than before plus he’s always having a good mood. Of course he’s not happy 24 hours at least he’s in a better mood.

Dumex Mamil is currently having a “Try Mamil for 7 Days and See the Difference” promotion.  If you are interested, do get the free samples for your kid to try. Head on over participating stores and exchange your child’s current non-Dumex brand of growing up milk (500g and above)1 for a FREE Mamil® 600g starter kit.

 Or check out 

Monday, July 21, 2014

hello mothers!

Salam alayk!

Hello, decided to talk about this.

so today is gonna be a special post for mothers. hehe 

yap, would like to share experience and opinion on milk :D yes milk. Milk for our kids.


Whole milk - "He needs the fat for nerve and brain development,"
says Frank Greer, M.D., chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics's Committee on Nutrition

Kids need milk for their diet. Basically milk contains enough nutrients which is needed in your kid’s diet. As we might have learnt during school, milk is essential to strengthen our bone and teeth. Do you know that it is also good for rehydration too because it has high percentage of water. THAT'S RIGHT MOTHERS!

Now that I've already became a mother I am not always sure of what to do. I am a first time mummy so I am consistently learning. Now that my son has started taking solid food I noticed that sometimes he will be really grumpy and starts to cry when he poops. When I check his poop it would be hard and lumpy. Could this be a sign of constipation? Currently my little one, he eats alot (which he does) he would usually have bowel movements of twice a day. I am quite worried due to the discomfort he is facing. For all of you who want to understand further about their childrens poop characteristics you can go ahead and search the “Bristol Stool Chart”.  

When your kids are able to poop means that they have a good digestive system, they will be happy and enjoy playing with their friends. Most important is that they are able to poop! Then their able to have a good sleep which is very important for them and for us as mothers too, we surely would be so glad when our little one sleeps soundly without waking up in the middle of the night, crying and keep asking for milk.
I am sure mums out there know what I mean ☺!

Currently I am thinking of introducing a milk powder to my son as he is already 1 and a half years now. I did some research and was also told that Dumex Mamil is able to promote a healthy digestive system for your kid. Hmmm.. Most important this brand contains prebiotic! I am considering the trial pack by Dumex Mamil since it is known to help kids with poop problems ☺. So mommies I will share with all about how my son reacts to it and if his poo is . Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

klia2 "what's in your bag?"

I am so excited about klia2! 
yaaaa our Malaysia airport! I’m so proud to be a Malaysian maaaan!
and you guys would be wondering why am i so excited about it.
lemme tell ya ladies and gentlemen!

I've check it out on their website which you can also check it out at and you might get excited when you see the photos of how klia2 gonna look like and you have to see their tender results it's so cool and i was like, this is gonna be sooo exciting it's like waiting for your flight and you don't mind because there are  a lot of cool places you can wander in klia2! i think if any of my family members or friends wanna go somewhere i wanna send them to airport because it's gonna be like chilling in the mall ! so elegant sophisticated big and futuristic and i bet it's gonna look eveeeen better when i actually be there .

However,  the more interesting part is klia2 are offering a lot of retail selections which include food,beverage,lifestyle,fashion,electronis,duty-free and non duty-free stuff like i've mentioned, it's like a mall!  

Also, what's better is they are having-- the What’s In Your Bag Giveaway! they are doing the giveaway which is worth 5k worth of prizes yeaaaa FIVE THOUSAND! And there will be one winner per day for 15 days starting from 9 June until 23rd June and grand winner gonna wins rm25,000 shopping spree at KLIA2 . THIS GIVEAWAYS IS INCREDIBLY AMAZING! YET IT’S SUPER EASY!


Login to
Upon arriving at the website, a pop up will appear announcing that they have a chance to win products they have shopped with a given budget of RM5,000.

On the main page, users are encouraged to browse around and check out klia2’s offering online by spending the RM5,000 given to them. 
Users simply “add to cart” anything they want from the website.
Once users are satisfied with selecting what they wish for with RM5,000 they can proceed to check-out.
Upon successful completion of checkout, all users are automatically entered into a lucky draw with everything that they’ve purchased.  

On the day of the launch, a lucky winner will be announced to win RM25,000 shopping spree at klia2. (Do note that the winner will only be announced on the launch, the actual shopping spree will not take place on the same day)
Do note that anyone above 18 years of age, from anywhere will be eligible to participate. However, prize redemption will only be available locally, from klia2 itself. 

BESTNYA! let's try, who know's it's gonna be you! your rezqi ! :D

I’ve participated and select my 5k worth of items! Check out my picks! 

For more information and to get more excited about the launch and the gieaway, you should check out 

 Don't forget to follow their FB PAGE to follow up the daily winners of RM5000!   

Instagram: indulgemyairports
Twitter: indulge_my

All the Best people! may the luck be ever in your favor :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Le Pliage cuir ? Personalize yours today!

Salam alayk and hello people and especially ladies!

You know longchamp? From france? Yap i know ! I was extremely excited too to get to know about longchamp more last week. I actually have heard about it but did not really have seen the collections so last week i was invited to longchamp outlet in pavillion . It is so big and i was like, " yaaaa rabbi there are a lot of beautiful collections. Stunning handbags" *sambil ternganga and mata besar melilau bersinar ahaha* and in fact, longchamp in pavillion is the largest outlet in malaysia . How cool is that huh longchamp lover?!

And the fact that i got the chance to know more about the famous longchamp classic le pliage bag , it is so interesting .

Do you know that since the creation of le pliage collection in 1993, it has become the most famous and best selling bag across the world that it has reached 30 million maaaan! Wewh! Yep and i can see why, it is a totebag made of light, strong, brightly coloured nylon canvas trimmed with russian leather so yes even if you touch it, you'd feel the leather . It feels so good ahaha . 

Really. It can be folded like photo above, and when it is folded, it reduced the size to paperback book. The adaptability, realibility and material made it one of the most favourite bag in the world. 

The practicality with elegance with lightness of the bag offers elegance and stylish yet very very practical to women. 

Fun fact: It is Named after the french verb 'to fold' and inspired by japanese art of origami "le pliage." ❤️ 

In conjuction of 20th anniversary of le pliage. Longchamp lovers can now personalized your own le pliage cuir !

The online personalization services was only available online and has been on offer for Le Pliage® Nylon since 2003 where customers can choose sizes, colours and all. 

However, The latest stage in this evolution (year 2012) is Le Pliage® Cuir, an adaptation of the iconic Le Pliage®shape made from soft, supple, yet strong leather. It has been carefully designed and crafted from quality goat and sheep leather and it retains the ability to fold in exactly the same way as the nylon original, totally won't show any creases on being unfolded to its full size. Best kan! Genius!

I have touched it and i have seen it. Yes, that is all true bebeh. Of course i have other leather bag and when it is folded and unfolded i can see the line, the crease of being folded. That is why i am still so amazed with le pliage bag. So flawless!

Now, how can you personalize your bag? Easy one mates!

1. Select the size (S/M/L)
2. Select main colour (Acid-bright Lemon, zesty Orange, candy Pink and vibrant Vermilion are 4 of the 8 colours available
3. Select color of inner lining
4. Define the color of handles & flap & shoulder strap

5. Last one, please please please take advantage of the monogramming service to add initials (maximum 3 letters) or an inscription of your choice for the final touch on your bag. 
Or see above button - sd . Yap you can put any 3 aplhabets of your short name maybe? Fun! 

Then allow 6 weeks for your customized #Longchamp  #LePliageCuirPersonalized #LongchampPersonalized to be ready as each bag is handmade in the original workshop in Paris, ensuring the same exceptional quality for all of its Longchamp bags. france is so genius when it comes to the detail from food untill bag and your everyday wear. 

When i was at the store.
I also check out the limited edition collection as well and the collection which longchamp had colllaboration with artist and designers. 

So what are you waiting for?!
Visit longchamp at pavillion now and personalize your le pliage cuir bag today! 

Glad i met kak mine again. So much cuter ala seri ibu . we had problem to choose our le pliage bag. Heeheh

I am so glad and thank you so much longchamp pavillion for having me. Really.

AND don't forget to watch the longchamp spring 2014 campaign featuring alexa chung!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Be Happy

" Segala Puji Bagi Allah Tuhan Sekalian Alam"

Alhamdulillah i managed to actually go and had one of the best experience at ilmfest2014 at picc putrajaya today. Indeed, i know it's going to be amazing like "being me" "reclaim your heart" "teins of faith." Yap! It's amazing. Eventhough did not stay till the end but i already had my best 5 hours kat sana. 

But what i'm going to share now is one of the amazing points shared by sheikh navaid aziz . Every speaker is wonderful , but it's going to be this one which i would like to share at this time. What time is it now again? Okay 1 am. Malas masih muda beb. Pause sekejap aaa bagi ingat akhirat sat. Muahaha 

No really. I can't remember which speaker said this line but , he said " if you're searching for something to motivate you, it's going to be the motivation of akhirah."


Let's be happy . How? 

1# Muhasabah ourselves before we go to bed. You know ( unless when you're super tired you would actually fall asleep without a second to think) , when we're on bed trying to sleep we actually think a lot. Everything comes to our mind, and instead of thinking the problem we are facing ,we HAVE TO start muhasabah on what we have done during that day. Every problem has solution and the solution is how we actually overcome the problem. It starts with ourselves. Thus, it's very important untuk kita pikir balik how we appreciate ourselves, how we treat others, macam mana kita dengan tuhan, apa kita dah buat. Simply, " what have i done today?"

2# Being Grateful to Allah. 
Yap always and always. Allah has promised, the more we grateful, the more He'll reward us. Always find one good thing around us. Even if thanking Allah because we can still breathing, having a healthy body, being able to walk to talk, to eat and etc . Every SINGLE thing . Including the test you are facing, sh navaid aziz said no matter how great the calamity or the problem is, remember that Allah's blessing is always the greater and infact, the greatest! Cool kan . Allah is so amazing :')

3# To ask forgiveness from Allah.
We never know . Kalau dengan manusia yang kita nampak tu pun mungkin ada banyak tersalah silap. Apa lagi dengan Allah yang kita selalu terambil mudah sebab we forgot Allah is watching us. Always try to teach ourselves , rajinkan diri istighfar especially when we've done wrong. When we make du'a, ask forgiveness from Allah for us, our parents and beloved ones. Allah is most- forgiving . 

4# Let go negative things and people
" it might be very difficult. when you have friends and you have known them for a long time but they are the one whom when you're feeling down, they ask you to be happy in wrong ways. They would bring you to do ma'siat . Further from Allah. Thus, let go. Remember, Allah will test us.He will give us a better life , a better people. " to be/gain better thing is to sacrifice negative people/ thing for the sake of Allah." Allah is the best planner. 

And of all, 

5# Know Allah. "when we start knowing Allah , we can't help it except to love and worship Allah . Alone " :')

And always remember to recite this du'a everyday : 

رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَفِي الْآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً وَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ 

Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and save us from the punishment of the Fire!”

I don't know but somehow i've heard about this for few times from different people, but to have someone who reminds us again and again and again, it feels, idk maybe Allah loves us beyond much kan? MashaaAllah ! Really maaan. *taktahu nak lap air mata dulu ke nak gelabah dulu ke sebab rasa banyak buat dosa ke atau kedua dua nya sekali atau cuma bertenang dan senyum dan menangis sebelum meneruskan kehidupan dengan lebih baik . Yaa marilah memilih peaceful way to overcome anxiety and worry dan start making move . No worries, everything takes time. You just have to start. hayya alal falah human being* 

* credit to sh navaid aziz for the main points of "key to happiness" and inspire me to elaborate them to remind myself and inshaaAllah share it with others* #ilmfest2014 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make your restaurant reservation from ❤️

There's good news for people out there and including me!
I knew about this last week and i got very excited !

You know that feeling when you're having bad day, that day when you feel so hungry and you just wanna go eat outside and have nice foods. But the problem is sometimes, we don't have any idea where to eat or even if we do, we have to line up in a very long queue to get ours’ turn to be served, that’s really a wasting of time!

Now Wait No More! With ZERVIT.MY, goodbye long queue!  you can make reservations beforehand, search on the restaurant’s review first whichminimize lotsa waiting time dude!

Other than that, going to give us easy access in knowing the latest promotions from the restaurantIt’s a really useful feature when I need to have some nice dining place to have lunch meeting with clients but in an affordable promotion price! It gonna save my wallet ;)

From, we can check out the latest foodphotos posted by the Instagram community. Triple awesome! Hence, don’t forget to tag #zervit on any of the nice food you have!

Besides, please suggest to  any of the restaurant which you really like or which one you wish to recommended to the others. Later soon, you might be seeing your favourite restaurant on their list and probably you’ll get to enjoy their promotion meal from Zervit too!

So, i would say this is an amazing opportunity forus ! , senang je nak reserve! Chill je :D
The best of the best news is now new registration can enjoy coffee treats from coffeeacoffee,expressolab and Ante! Good deal good deal !

I never a coffee drinker, but why not for this coffee treats as those are all brilliant café restaurants! :D

Very simple!

Just search for the restaurant you want!

Please note that, If it doesn’t come out from the search engine, leave them an email on which restaurant that you’re looking for/interested. They do instant reply!

Do suggest as much as your favourite restaurant to them at! They will try their best to get them on list!

Then, select the date, time, pax, reserve!

Lastly, they give you instant confirmation and it is 24/7 ! Yay!

Get it now!
Reserve and Get Served


Instagram link:

Zervit is also available in google Playstore -
and Itunes -

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Quickest update!
Ya Allah Ya Rabbi i missed blogging so bad
i'm sorry blog for abandoning you for so long .

so what's up dena what's up ummi. how's life?
Tapi maintain happy beb . gua ok je beb. Alhamdulillah relek je beb.

yes Alhamdulillah i am 22 on last 20th march.
i'm 22! it sounds so mature and sooooo grown up while the truth is my character is still weird , maybe more weird and hyper, and, ok my husband knows well. and my son.

Thnakyou for the overwhelming wishes may Allah bless those who made du'a and wished me. touched ok touched. kalau dedulu akan printscreen and tulis ever nama apa semua. tapi sekarang dah ada anak ni, maafkan lah ummi ye anak anak.

what i do right now? blogging while waiting for my son to feel sleepy. he's still playing and watching elmo. hmmmmmm i have exam and classes tomorrow. hmmmm. tapi benda biasa, so already get used to it. ok la bebel mende mu dena.

ok so now i'm studying--degree in bachelor in english and linguistic.before you assume it's the same like tesl please's not tesl . other than that, yaaa i'm a mother i have a  cheeky cutie pie my heartbeat 1 year old +++ son and a weirdo lovely  partner in crime husband. haha and i go for talks . (they called me motivator idk what to call it) but alhamdulillah i love what i do-passion. to share and to motivate the way i would like people to share and motivate me. geddit geddit? hehe.

went for some places and universtities. and the latest one was on last week? for jejak menara yadim di uia gombak together with kak farah adeeba and abang razin mestica

That's one of the update. may Allah ease and alhamdulillah great opportunity and experience and i gain a lot of ilm from these people of yayasan dakwah islamiah malaysia ya knowwwww. i feel like im nobody maaaayn but inshaaAllah ada hikmahnya. untuk get better and belajar dari ikon yadim yang lain inshaaAllah. tahniah dr asyraf sebab came out dgn idea ini!

ok other than aaaa, we're in the middle of presentations, examinations and assignment submission weeks! pray for me! pray for us!

and what else?

US HEHEHE husband was driving so no abah in this photo kekekeke takpe abah you'll always be in our heart.
ini gambar kelmarin. saif sayang ummi suka gegedik dengan ummi. moga jadi anak soleh .

inshaAllah pray that i 'll have time to start posting on my blog again.

ini warm up warm up untuk cuba istiqamah dalam jadi blogger tegar balik because you know why?


"padahal lama dah tak update. blogger sangat! *sambil buat muka tak puas hati dgn diri sendiri mcm semua org panggil kau blogger tp apehal kau dah lama tak update blog hah hah?! ni bukan blogger ni bukan! biasaaaa dia ni!*

Monday, April 7, 2014

Beauty And Healthy !


gotta share this one cool stuff with all of you

well usually when i go out, i will just wear mosturizer and my bb cream and lipbalm to enhance my face to make it more refreshing.

and it's hard for me to get bb or cc cream that suits my skin because my skin is very dry and very sensitive  so i gotta makesure the cream doesn't make my skin itchy or blemish.

and last week, i tried this one new product from hansaegee and this is actually the first time i ever loveeeeeeddddd CC CREAM! S recover gold nano cc cream it is. it's very different with the cc cream i once tried long time ago that made my face looked weird and did not suit my skin at all. but this cc cream by hansaegee works so well on my face.

WHAT IS C.C cream? it's colour control cream. 

YES! honestly, wallahi this cc cream from hansaegee is really great! i love the texture, i love it when i applied it onto my skin , it feels so light. it's mosturize your face like other mosturizer but the extra advantage is it's gonna soothes your skin, and brighten up your skin, means that it's gonna make your face look fresh and healthy and you can feel it yourself too! 
i love how it doesn't not making my skin feels itchy when i applied it and even when i already washed my face , it does not give any negative affect and what i love most when i mentioned about texture is that, it gonna amazingly blend with your face, it's not sticky . it's soft and light . no worries, your face still gonna look natural as ever! 

Some people might be thinking that beauty products are all about beauty. but no, we have to take care of our skin.  this kind of cream not only gonna make your face looks luminous but it's gonna moisturise which your skin gonna be healthier. How? it has spf 30 PA++ , it gonna block ultraviolet rays towards our face. so it gonna be your sunblock as well.
coolzzzz triple coolz!
remember, natural beauty is not that you just ignore it. we have to takecare of it and enhance it . 
i reaally really recommended this c.c cream . it is all in one! 
beauty and healthy , perfect combination !

couln't ask for more!

recover gold nano cc cream applied! i love it because seems like i did not wear anything on face.
it really smoothen my face and i don't look " dull"

you have to try it! 
you can check it out at their website or you can just click > Hansaegee
or their instagram, or you can just click > Hansaegeenature

p/s: sambil apply sambil zikir :) moga enhance luar dalam biiznillah :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Exclusive preview" Fashion Show By Galeri Ariani

I KNOW OK I KNOW it's been a long time since i last updated my blog and im so sorry about that ! hah but this time i have something interesting to share.

last thursday (6th march) i was invited to fashion show for an exclusive preview from ARIANI gallery ( you may click on "ariani" to go to their website) . anyway alhamdulillah it's such a great event and amazing introduction about ariani to me actually.

the event starts at 230pm until 5. i went there alone . as i got excited to attend it no matter what hhaaha!
so i'm going to share lil bit about ariani and what's the preview is all about.

so ariani was started on april 2008. and it's the starting point of the revolution of wearing instant hijab with exclusive designs and high quality material. ariani has 18 branches all over malaysia . trend kreatif mereka adalah pada penggunaan fabric  lycra disesuaikan dengan teknik mudah sarung, material ringan, espeskan sentimen kontemporari disuaikan utk semua jenis acara. kalau pagi tu pakai pergi kerja pastu tetiba malam ada event ke apa . no problem utk pakai tudung ariani. sebab it's simple and elegant.
Ariani galeri jugak menawarkan ribuan rekaan tudung & selendang ekslusif yang direka khas tau! takde tepi tepi jalan jalan tar ke mana. the combination of good material ( diimport khas dari itali,perancis,jepun,jerman,turki) and exclusive design hanya di ariani. so there are various designs, ada yang totally plain, ada yang diperhaluskan dengan jahitan manik sulam,taburan kristal swarovski and sualaman lace and it's a major favourite untuk pelanggan setia ariani and i would say even for some people it might be lil bit pricey but with the designs and the material. i would say it's a good price. wardina said the same thing :) cantiknyaaaa! eh tetibe ,

So the fashion show exclusive preview haritu pulak, what is it all about?

Ariani Gallery did fashion show in their gala hi tea yang diadakan di hotel double treee by hilton my fav hotel ! as ai said, it was on thursday 6th march.

so basically, the preview menampilkan the latest collection from ariani gallery untuk tahun 2014 and tunjuk yang paling laris. segment for the fashion adalah chic casual dan juga glam exclusive. so untuk tunjuk rekaan yang kreatif sofistikated dan warna warna yang "happy" yet elegant :D
Mula mula the event start dengan ucapan dari pengarah pemasaran ariani textiles iaitu puan norhana sharkhan . lepastu ada fashion best sebab the tudung are so beautiful mashaaAllah and the model pun cantik sangat.
dalam segmen chic casual, the model memperagakan zafira printed collection,embroidery shawl, printed shawl, printed stone shawl,crumple and aleesya beaded block heavy shawls. and the next fashions show which is glam exclusive, they introduced lace shawl,tiara chiffon 2 layer shawl, stone shawl and again aleesya lace shawl. the shawls are all designed semata untuk event exclusive preview tersebut. amazing work i must say!

and i just knew that model awal awal adalah isteri mawi, ekin. kemudian dari tahun 2009 to 2013 . the duta was wardina safiyyah . and dalam event ni juga, ariani memperkenalkan duta baru ala cantik berseri personaliti tv3 kita iaitu nurul shuhada. the duta semua cantik cantik with talent. good choice ariani!

so i enjoy the event and i love the foods so much ahaha! great event and great foods are perfect alhamdulillah.

and majlis preview ni jugak ada banyak suprise. ada cabutan bertuah and the hadiah are awesome nya! cabutan bertuah adalah pelanggan pelanggan setia ariani dari seluruh malaysia.ada yang dapat voucher rm1000 , ada yang dapat karpet silk bernilai rm5,500 and ramai jugak yang dapat iphone 5s . subhanAllah speechless dena. but ariani really have shown high appreciation to their customers through this event. kudos!

and suprise paling kebaboom adalah kemunculan siti nurhaliza, dia buat performance best sangat siti nyanyi dan jugak utk perkenalkan koleksi siti nurhaliza.

and after majlis bersurai, ada press conference pula untuk para media mengetahui lebih lanjut dan deeper info tentang ariani serta perancangan mereka.

 and overall , it was incredible and i wish and pray may ariani will succeed in their bussiness and mission vision !

and alhamdulillah met great people some familiar faces alhamdulillah we met again!

jubah : satin silk jubah ada lace di tangan mashaAllah cantik and breastfeeding friendly by lisaadamofficial , you can check it out at their ig too > instagram lisaadamofficial and my beautiful flowery wide and long chiffon shawl from instagram: projectudung  .

facebook: Galeri ariani
Twitter: GaleriAriani