Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Quickest update!
Ya Allah Ya Rabbi i missed blogging so bad
i'm sorry blog for abandoning you for so long .

so what's up dena what's up ummi. how's life?
Tapi maintain happy beb . gua ok je beb. Alhamdulillah relek je beb.

yes Alhamdulillah i am 22 on last 20th march.
i'm 22! it sounds so mature and sooooo grown up while the truth is my character is still weird , maybe more weird and hyper, and, ok my husband knows well. and my son.

Thnakyou for the overwhelming wishes may Allah bless those who made du'a and wished me. touched ok touched. kalau dedulu akan printscreen and tulis ever nama apa semua. tapi sekarang dah ada anak ni, maafkan lah ummi ye anak anak.

what i do right now? blogging while waiting for my son to feel sleepy. he's still playing and watching elmo. hmmmmmm i have exam and classes tomorrow. hmmmm. tapi benda biasa, so already get used to it. ok la bebel mende mu dena.

ok so now i'm studying--degree in bachelor in english and linguistic.before you assume it's the same like tesl please google.it's not tesl . other than that, yaaa i'm a mother i have a  cheeky cutie pie my heartbeat 1 year old +++ son and a weirdo lovely  partner in crime husband. haha and i go for talks . (they called me motivator idk what to call it) but alhamdulillah i love what i do-passion. to share and to motivate the way i would like people to share and motivate me. geddit geddit? hehe.

went for some places and universtities. and the latest one was on last week? for jejak menara yadim di uia gombak together with kak farah adeeba and abang razin mestica

That's one of the update. may Allah ease and alhamdulillah great opportunity and experience and i gain a lot of ilm from these people of yayasan dakwah islamiah malaysia ya knowwwww. i feel like im nobody maaaayn but inshaaAllah ada hikmahnya. untuk get better and belajar dari ikon yadim yang lain inshaaAllah. tahniah dr asyraf sebab came out dgn idea ini!

ok other than aaaa, we're in the middle of presentations, examinations and assignment submission weeks! pray for me! pray for us!

and what else?

US HEHEHE husband was driving so no abah in this photo kekekeke takpe abah you'll always be in our heart.
ini gambar kelmarin. saif sayang ummi suka gegedik dengan ummi. moga jadi anak soleh .

inshaAllah pray that i 'll have time to start posting on my blog again.

ini warm up warm up untuk cuba istiqamah dalam jadi blogger tegar balik because you know why?


"padahal lama dah tak update. blogger sangat! *sambil buat muka tak puas hati dgn diri sendiri mcm semua org panggil kau blogger tp apehal kau dah lama tak update blog hah hah?! ni bukan blogger ni bukan! biasaaaa dia ni!*

Monday, April 7, 2014

Beauty And Healthy !


gotta share this one cool stuff with all of you

well usually when i go out, i will just wear mosturizer and my bb cream and lipbalm to enhance my face to make it more refreshing.

and it's hard for me to get bb or cc cream that suits my skin because my skin is very dry and very sensitive  so i gotta makesure the cream doesn't make my skin itchy or blemish.

and last week, i tried this one new product from hansaegee and this is actually the first time i ever loveeeeeeddddd CC CREAM! S recover gold nano cc cream it is. it's very different with the cc cream i once tried long time ago that made my face looked weird and did not suit my skin at all. but this cc cream by hansaegee works so well on my face.

WHAT IS C.C cream? it's colour control cream. 

YES! honestly, wallahi this cc cream from hansaegee is really great! i love the texture, i love it when i applied it onto my skin , it feels so light. it's mosturize your face like other mosturizer but the extra advantage is it's gonna soothes your skin, and brighten up your skin, means that it's gonna make your face look fresh and healthy and you can feel it yourself too! 
i love how it doesn't not making my skin feels itchy when i applied it and even when i already washed my face , it does not give any negative affect and what i love most when i mentioned about texture is that, it gonna amazingly blend with your face, it's not sticky . it's soft and light . no worries, your face still gonna look natural as ever! 

Some people might be thinking that beauty products are all about beauty. but no, we have to take care of our skin.  this kind of cream not only gonna make your face looks luminous but it's gonna moisturise which your skin gonna be healthier. How? it has spf 30 PA++ , it gonna block ultraviolet rays towards our face. so it gonna be your sunblock as well.
coolzzzz triple coolz!
remember, natural beauty is not that you just ignore it. we have to takecare of it and enhance it . 
i reaally really recommended this c.c cream . it is all in one! 
beauty and healthy , perfect combination !

couln't ask for more!

recover gold nano cc cream applied! i love it because seems like i did not wear anything on face.
it really smoothen my face and i don't look " dull"

you have to try it! 
you can check it out at their website www.hansegee.com or you can just click > Hansaegee
or their instagram, http://instagram.com/hansaegeenature or you can just click > Hansaegeenature

p/s: sambil apply sambil zikir :) moga enhance luar dalam biiznillah :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Exclusive preview" Fashion Show By Galeri Ariani

I KNOW OK I KNOW it's been a long time since i last updated my blog and im so sorry about that ! hah but this time i have something interesting to share.

last thursday (6th march) i was invited to fashion show for an exclusive preview from ARIANI gallery ( you may click on "ariani" to go to their website) . anyway alhamdulillah it's such a great event and amazing introduction about ariani to me actually.

the event starts at 230pm until 5. i went there alone . as i got excited to attend it no matter what hhaaha!
so i'm going to share lil bit about ariani and what's the preview is all about.

so ariani was started on april 2008. and it's the starting point of the revolution of wearing instant hijab with exclusive designs and high quality material. ariani has 18 branches all over malaysia . trend kreatif mereka adalah pada penggunaan fabric  lycra disesuaikan dengan teknik mudah sarung, material ringan, espeskan sentimen kontemporari disuaikan utk semua jenis acara. kalau pagi tu pakai pergi kerja pastu tetiba malam ada event ke apa . no problem utk pakai tudung ariani. sebab it's simple and elegant.
Ariani galeri jugak menawarkan ribuan rekaan tudung & selendang ekslusif yang direka khas tau! takde tepi tepi jalan jalan tar ke mana. the combination of good material ( diimport khas dari itali,perancis,jepun,jerman,turki) and exclusive design hanya di ariani. so there are various designs, ada yang totally plain, ada yang diperhaluskan dengan jahitan manik sulam,taburan kristal swarovski and sualaman lace and it's a major favourite untuk pelanggan setia ariani and i would say even for some people it might be lil bit pricey but with the designs and the material. i would say it's a good price. wardina said the same thing :) cantiknyaaaa! eh tetibe ,

So the fashion show exclusive preview haritu pulak, what is it all about?

Ariani Gallery did fashion show in their gala hi tea yang diadakan di hotel double treee by hilton my fav hotel ! as ai said, it was on thursday 6th march.

so basically, the preview menampilkan the latest collection from ariani gallery untuk tahun 2014 and tunjuk yang paling laris. segment for the fashion adalah chic casual dan juga glam exclusive. so untuk tunjuk rekaan yang kreatif sofistikated dan warna warna yang "happy" yet elegant :D
Mula mula the event start dengan ucapan dari pengarah pemasaran ariani textiles iaitu puan norhana sharkhan . lepastu ada fashion best sebab the tudung are so beautiful mashaaAllah and the model pun cantik sangat.
dalam segmen chic casual, the model memperagakan zafira printed collection,embroidery shawl, printed shawl, printed stone shawl,crumple and aleesya beaded block heavy shawls. and the next fashions show which is glam exclusive, they introduced lace shawl,tiara chiffon 2 layer shawl, stone shawl and again aleesya lace shawl. the shawls are all designed semata untuk event exclusive preview tersebut. amazing work i must say!

and i just knew that model awal awal adalah isteri mawi, ekin. kemudian dari tahun 2009 to 2013 . the duta was wardina safiyyah . and dalam event ni juga, ariani memperkenalkan duta baru ala cantik berseri personaliti tv3 kita iaitu nurul shuhada. the duta semua cantik cantik with talent. good choice ariani!

so i enjoy the event and i love the foods so much ahaha! great event and great foods are perfect alhamdulillah.

and majlis preview ni jugak ada banyak suprise. ada cabutan bertuah and the hadiah are awesome nya! cabutan bertuah adalah pelanggan pelanggan setia ariani dari seluruh malaysia.ada yang dapat voucher rm1000 , ada yang dapat karpet silk bernilai rm5,500 and ramai jugak yang dapat iphone 5s . subhanAllah speechless dena. but ariani really have shown high appreciation to their customers through this event. kudos!

and suprise paling kebaboom adalah kemunculan siti nurhaliza, dia buat performance best sangat siti nyanyi dan jugak utk perkenalkan koleksi siti nurhaliza.

and after majlis bersurai, ada press conference pula untuk para media mengetahui lebih lanjut dan deeper info tentang ariani serta perancangan mereka.

 and overall , it was incredible and i wish and pray may ariani will succeed in their bussiness and mission vision !

and alhamdulillah met great people some familiar faces alhamdulillah we met again!

jubah : satin silk jubah ada lace di tangan mashaAllah cantik and breastfeeding friendly by lisaadamofficial , you can check it out at their ig too > instagram lisaadamofficial and my beautiful flowery wide and long chiffon shawl from instagram: projectudung  .

website: www.ariani.my
facebook: Galeri ariani
Instagram: instagram.com/galeriariani
Twitter: GaleriAriani

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Funderful videos by YEO'S

HOT NEWS FOR YOU! Yeos ada organized this one awesome contest,
"Yeo's Funderful Video Contest 2013" , this contest is to lead all funderful buddies to stay healthy with yeos! i personally love yeos products. sedapnyaaa! ahaha eh, anyways,
 why this contest is being organized? untuk terapkan positivity by showing your talents throught funa dn wonderful videos. kot la korang suka buat video video ni and don't know mana nak 'luahkan'. so this will be one of the best way and platform to show your talents to people :) it's gonna be awesome. lagi lagi if you know the prize. You make videos , you enjoy it and people enjoy it when they watch it and you win prize for it. doesn't it such a pleasant feeling ever?



  • Open for all malaysian 18 years old and above
  • unlimited entries. takisah individual or in group
  • Last day of submition is on 15th disember ye anak anak
  • submit via online
reach their Public Relations team at 03-7787 3553 or 03-7787 3811
email to publicrelations@yeos.com should more clarifications needed.

Contest ni end on january. so korang ada banyak masa to make a video ! aaaannnddd speaking about the prizes. tgk gambar bawah ni. hadiah semua stated. BESTNYAAAAA!

what are you waiting for?! join la sekarangggg! mana tahu rezeki In shaa Allah? ameen :D

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rezeki kerja tuhan, semua dapat. Cara je beza beza.

So ya.

Memang ada orang yang bila tidur dalam kelas pun boleh pandai bangun bangun jawab soalan cikgu.

Mmg ada org yg tayah kerja pun semua benda dia ada sbb bapak dia kaya.

Mmg ada org takyah susah susah sbb dia pandai ini pandai itu.

Tp di sebalik semua tu, it still takes struggle kan. Dan paham kan? Allah itu adil. Tu rezeki dia . That's it. Takpayah pertikaikan apa apa. "Dia genius boleh aaaa. Dia cantik boleh aaaa. Dia cenggini boleh aaa."

Well. Why you want to give up and stop fighting for what you want because everyone else has it: kadang kadang kita tatahu what it takes for that person utk dpt what they want. 

If kita nak pandai gak, belajar a. Kalau kita nak duit poket lebih, use whatever you have utk berbisnes walau gula gula sekalipun. If you want to be happy, learn to be happy.

Fight for what you want. Dan kalau tak sedar, that's what Allah wants us to do. Fight for it. To makesure kita deserve it. And it is really worthy. 

You know that moment bila kita dah 3 hari 3 malam tak tidur sbb nak siapkan assignment to makesure its perfect , well at least almost.

Dan lecturer happy with our work, dan perasaan bila lecturer kata good job? Yes that feeling.

Atau kita berbisnes utk cari duit poket. Dan bila dpt untung plus customer bg feedback best dan kita happy sbb they are happy. That satisfaction punya perasaan? Yes. That one.

Tuhan bagi bonus. 

Dan ingat , if you've fought habis habisan dan things dont turn out mcm apa kita nak. Jgn give up. Jgn meroyan. It happens.

Tapi sbb Allah tahu. Kita deserve something bigger. Sbb paling best bila saat dah jatuh tergolek rasa hidup gelap dan kita ttp move on dan cari nur . Cari light. 

Bila jumpa, itu perasaan paling. "Allah maha besar. Terima kasih ya Allah."

Monday, October 7, 2013


Hello assalamualaikum! i know its been a long time!

but yeah, this one is also a quick update but wallahi im planning to update my blog about what ive been doing right now. inshaaAllah will find time for that.

anyway, ini adalah entry tentang benda best untuk ibu bapa diluar sana. utk baby and kesenangan kita jugak weeee!

carrier! ala yang kendong anak dalam macam poket kangaroo tu hehe!
dena mmg plan nak beli and alhamdulillah i found the best carrier ever,dah la banyak corak comel.
and mula mula takut jugak saif tak selesa tapi alhamdulillah he really likes it senang je tertidur dalam tu sbb dia suka la rasa kena dukung selalu hehe and abah dia pun suka sangat bawaknya!

tips : try dulu bawak baby dalam tu pusing kawasan rumah. lepastu try bawak jalan jalan. tp bawak stroller as backup. tapiii dena rasa your babies inshaaAllah will like it!

selain boba ni mmg top brand. dia mmg betul betul ho liao! eh tiba tiba.hehe

Jangan risau, dlm tu ada booklet cemana nak pakai and cara mcm mana boleh pakai apa semua complete! best k best. menarik.

PLS JENGUK www.mamapanda.com

- Boba 3G on sale at 10% off at  mama panda punya website < click k :D

- can also order from our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mamapandastore

- we blog at http://mamapandablogs.blogspot.com/ where you can find preloved baby stuff too ;)
- accept installment plan for Boba 3g (tapi takde less.less utk cash je) up to 4 times payment plans. Do pm FB page for more info

- only sell branded authentic items. Our stuff maybe pricey, but we do not sell any knock offs items, or GM Klang's items... All branded products are from authorized distributors. When it comes to baby stuff, we only provide the best. 

- insya Allah good after sale serviceis provided. Boba 3g has warranty and for any problems, just drop them n email.

Last but not least, any readers from my blog can get RM10 less (or free shipping cos postage fee is RM10 fixed) if they put 'denabahrin' code upon placing an order at www.mamapanda.com.

 Until 31st Oct 2013 only.

gerenti puas hati!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Membeli, Menikmati , Menderma

Salam Alaykum!

Whoaaaa long time no see dena . where have you been?! i'm sorry la you guys. besides of  being so lazy , i am so busy also. Family, son and a student. kalau jadi student pun busy je memanjang. apatah lagi tetibe ada anak yang very the manja like my son nak berkepit but i like it a lot ! biar lah nak kepit2. my husband nak aku ada kalau dia nak pi memana pun aku takisah. ahaha ok dena panjang sangat dah tu explanation. i'm sure your readers (if i still have a loyal one) would understand. they're very understanding kot! Ok anyways ! Sedar tak sedar dah bulan Ramadhan :O Alhamdulillah best sgt !
Ha talking about Ramadhan, i would like to story mory .

Minggu lepas , pada 4 haribulan julai 2013 iaitu hari khamis, dena ada dapat jemputan. jemputan yang sungguh awesome yang mana husband dena pun excited. Sebab ini jemputan melibatkan makanan, makanan favourite dia pulak tuu ! jemputan ke majlis amal burger bakar abang burn (BBAB) & juga sempena pelancaran burger baru mereka iaitu burger al-lazat . BURGER KOT BURGER ! MANA BOLEH TOLAK, APATAH LAGI INI BURGER ABANG BURN YANG ORG HEBOHKAN SUNGGUH SEDAP ITU?! TELL MEYH.

ok tutup capslock. eksaited pulak puasa puasa ni.

sebenarnya dena mcm wah, ada burger baru pun boleh buat pelancaran keee and bila dena ke sana. wallahi i'm really impressed. macam ternganga kejap la bila the owners tu explain. pastu angguk angguk gaya meeting korporat.

Tengah tengah puasa ni tetibe dena cerita pasal burger ek? ahaha tak apa, dena bagi idea ni kot kot korang nak cuba burger baru nanti. membeli sambil menderma. bulan ramadhan hah,

beli + makan= kenyang + derma.
MashaaAllah best kan!

So dena pasti ramai kenal abang burn ni. Even mesti ada org yg lagi selalu makan dari dena. dah mcm mcm kan korang dah try. dari nipis tebal tinggi rendah semua dah. Tapi for those yang takat tahu tahu nama je and burger dia sedap (mcm dena hahaha) meh dena cerita sikit asal usul burger abang burn ni.

Konsep abang burn ni mcm gini, diorang ada buka restaurant and kiosk.  iaitu 5 cawangan adalah restoran dan lagi 13 cawangan adalah kiosk. ikut korang la rasa nak feeling mana satu. Burger bakar abang burn ni sangat pentingkan kualiti kepantasan servis and rasa sedap. ofkos la kan, siapa suka tempat yang sampai kita dah habis air 2 gelas pun tak sampai2 lagi makanan. jadi diorg faham perasaan tu sebab diorang pun pelanggan di mana mana kedai, jadi diorang sentiasa update servis diorang supaya lagi power dari masa ke semasa. wah paham pulak aku isi hati orang ahahaha tapi

Tahukah anda walaupun burger bakar abang burn  ni dah jajah 18 kawasan , ampang, seremban, seksyen 13 shah alam, johor bharu, sunway subang, kota damansara, seksyen 7 shah alam, danau kota, kuantan, cheras perdana, klang, nilai, kajang, melaka, alor setar, bangi serta pasir gudang, dan yang baru di jalan dwitasik 2 cheras. Cuba korang google je mesti keluar alamat alamat. kira ni jalan jalan cari makan versi bacaaan bukan tonton. bwahaha mcm mcm la dena! ok sambung,

walaupun dah 18 kawasan jajahan,tapi diorang still lagi teruskan kegigihan menjajajah sini sana. nampak tak jajah tu bunyi macam sangat semangat ?! dena sebenarnya kalau boleh tak sabar tunggu diorang jajah area keramat,setiawangsa or wangsa maju ni. kalau ada tiap minggu kot dena pergi. Diorang ni bukan jajah semata nak main jajah jajah tapi sebab ramai sangat orang demand burger bakar abang burn ni, mmg pelanggan ramai yang support jadi siapa rasa nak berniaga ni, duit pun ado, boleh la cuba bukak any restaurant or kiosk. wa pasti ia nya meletops.

SEBAB APA? sebab BURGER BAKAR ABANG BURN ni dah popular so senang la bila bukak kawasan jajahan baru, senang nak naik inshaAllah. selain tu, diorang memang dah ada standard operating procedure dan mempunyai peminat setia seluruh malaysia. yang lagi meng 'umph' kan servis dan rasa bbab ni, latihan akan diberikan kepada pekerja mereka dari segi penyeliaan dan pengurusan. itu yang buat diorang cool sebab pantas dan berkualiti produknya.

OK dena nak masuk pada cerita majlis pelancaran and amal tu.

Apa burger al lazat tu? 

burger sebelum ni apa tak cukup lazat atau gimana?! not like that. sempena menyambut bulan ramadhan ni, BBAB ada buat satu burger limited edition utk bulan ramadhan je. Nama dia burger al-lazat , kata empunya BBAB, nama al-lazat ni datang dari diraong gabung al-laziz ( sedap in arabic) and lazat  (sedap in malay) , jadi utk buat pendekatan arab (sbb bulan ramadhan en) dan juga melayu tu jadi la al-lazat.

Apa istimewa sangat pasal burger ni?

BBAB kata sbb gabung tiga citarasa iaitu melayu, arab dan barat. burger ni sos dia gabungan sos moden dan sos timur tengah. Tapi kalau tanya aku, apa yang best sangat, dena akan ckp mmg Ya Allah memang sedap sangat! bagi dena lah. kuantiti dia just nice and mmg sangat sedap. ada 8 jenis burger al-lazat ni, tapi dena rasa yang biasa je pun dah macam terpesona ,ahaha betul. pastu meronta dalam hati nak lagi. sebab dena rasa burger ni rasa mcm mcchicken sikit tapi more to rasa GCB mcd tu. fav kot GCB ni dulu. memandangkan dena dah lama say goodbye to mcd, ini adalah peluang yang best and baik bagi org ramai utk gantikan keinginan terhadap burger mcd. hebat kan orang melayu orang islam kita?! bravo bravo.

baik korang pergi serbu dekat mana mana kawasan jajahan BBAB. yang baru ni dekat cheras, jalan dwitasik 2. sama deret dengan ada kedai cina muslim and kedai satay station tak silap. inshaaAllah takkan kecewa.

Info tambahan ;

Abang burn akan bukak satu cawangan kat lembah klang just utk tujuan infaq di mana semua keuntungan bulanan adalah semata mata utk anak yatim and fakir miskin. cool kan?! So diorang harapkan atleast rm20,000 sebulan utk diinfaqkan lagi lagi anak yatim and fakir miskin yang tak dapat bantuan mainstream atau senangnya, tak dapat bantuan yang tetap and dari syarikat yg besar besar atau berleluasa. Pastu BBAB plan utk buat aktiviti ni setiap tahun as a tradition. ok cool lagi. so dana utk buakk cawangan tu diorang akan ambik dari sebahagian hasil jualan burger al-lazat ni. triple cool ok bai.

*pastu alhandulillah terjumpa kakak kakak bloggers cun lg best kat sana , kak fatin liyana, kak fatin suhana, kak cik epal & kak yuyu. & husband tercinta yg dedua suami isteri ni kuat and suka makan. ceria sangat ha muka. burger al-lazat la sebabnya kami gumbira.


Ambik phone, call kak burn. abang burn busy buat burger,menjajah and cari idea utk update servis BBAB. call kak burn k kat nombor 0193888598. And if you have any question boleh call kak wani, kakak ni comel, eh sempat di nombor 0193063874 . call utk tanya pasal BBAB je jangan gatal ngusik. dosa.

Gerenti puas ! marilah mari ! dena pun kalau ada rezeki nak terjah satu kawasan nanti utk nikmati lagi burger al-lazat yang mmg lazat ni. bulan ramadhan ni je ada! siapa nak belanja !!!


Official Abang Burn FB: https://www.facebook.com/abangburn?fref=ts

 Official Al –Lazat Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGgc4BZ3M-k

 Abang Burn Official website: http://www.abangburn.com/

Monday, July 15, 2013

Spread Love #1

Sometimes what we thought 
of others feelings and thoughts 
are actually just our thought.

If it is good , Alhamdulillah.
Go on. Pray for them
If it is not, muhasabah.
Pray for every of us

We can never feel calm 
And happy if we never know
How to be happy and pray
For others happiness.

When people talk, listen.
Good ones, take it.
Bad ones, throw it away.

But never let strangers 
Make you do what
Is actually doesn't 
Define "YOU"

If what you do give harm to others, 
If what you do benefits people,
Closer to the one up there,
Maybe not everyone,
But there are people out there
Whom we can share goodness
They need it

Untuk mentarbiyah diri adalah pada waktu yang sama, kita cuba sebaiknya berdakwah.
Walau sekecil zarah.
Ia masih kebaikan.

Tak sempurna
 Tapi moga baik je sampai pada semua

Go on.

Allah is ar-rahman
Allah is Ar-Rahim

O Allah protects us from
Any bad feelings in ourselves
Bad thought towards others
Bad thought towards things around

Spread positive vibes,
Even not everyone will
Like it . But remember,
Life is not about what people 
Want us to be. 

Kalau tunggu sempurna,
Tiapa apa yang dapat disempurnakan.
Kalau tunggu semua puas hati,
Tiada apa yang kita buat benar dari hati.

"Bila bertembung kehendak Allah dengan manusia, pilih kehendak Allah."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Featured : Amazing Essays | 'I'M INSPIRED' Giveaway Contest

Assalamualaikum !

sorry for the late update.

so last month. i have made a giveaway contest on instagram.
i asked them to write an essay not too long not too short ,

" any family members or friends that have inspired you the most and why & In short sentances, "i would like to join this contest because.."

and Alhamdulillah i  received A LOT of essays and actually it feels good to know that some of them thanked me for organizing this contest because it has actually make them realize about people that have inspired them the most. i read EVERY OF IT WALLAHI. and ada yang buat dena menangis ,tersenyum. semua best best . jadi bayangkan la nak pilih 3 pemenang tu mcm ya Rabbi. So dalam byk2 essay kat email tu, mana yg dena rasa maybe lebih sentuh hati dena, dena alihkan ke folder " contest" . pastu dalam ada byk jugak dlm folder contest tu dena short list kan lg kat folder "winners" . kat situ dena ada letak 8 . and at last kena mintak jugak tolong husband baca kan sekali and pilihkan jugak antara 8 tu. and great mind think alike. fuwah! :p

And as i promised dena akan feature kan their essays, those 3 winners. AND 5 other essays yg dena rasa menarik. by the way,

1st winner got :

  • Medina rainbow quran ada mathurat, ada tajwid apa semua. cantik and menarik!
  • Paisley Shawl from AROUSHSTYLE 
  • pattern cardigan from THALASSAOFFICIAL 
  • Printed cotton shawl from CLOVERUSH
2nd Winner got :
  • Paisley shawl from ESTCOLLECTION 
  • Printed chiffon shawl from CLOVERUSH
  • Iphone 4s Hardcover casing 
3rd Winner got:
  • Organic Lipbalm
  • Printed Chiffon shawl from CLOVERUSH
  • Cotton shawl
*semua yang dena capslock tu boleh cek their IG :)











Kalau tanya dari sekolah rendah;

kenapa sayang mak, haruslah jawab sebab mak la yang mengandungkan kita 9 bulan. Mak la yang berjuang habis-habisan melahirkan kita, tahan segala sakit perit. Ya Allah. Subhanallah. Memang benar. Tapi tu semua fakta yang semua orang pun dah tahu. Semua orang dah sedia maklong (read: sedia maklum).

Tapi ada benda yang saya rasa kita sebagai anak terlepas pandang. Banyak sangat. Tak tahu nak cakap macam mana, tapi sebenarnya saya rasa apa-apa jua keadaan, akhir sekali mesti kita akan cari mak. Susah nak diungkap dengan kata-kata sebenarnya (ok takpa, tak payah ungkap). Ceh dila keluar sekarang!

OK serious. Sebenarnya ini hakikat. Takde duit, cari mak. Gaduh dengan boyfriend (atau mungkin suami), akan cari mak. Ada masalah jerawat, kulit muka teruk- semua pun akan cari mak. Nak pilih langsir baru sofa baru, pun cari mak jugak! Betul tak?

Mak tu sumber inspirasi kita. Apa sekali pun kesusahan kita, mesti mak akan suruh fikir positif je. Syukur Alhamdulillah, sedikit sebanyak dapat juga sikit sebanyak belajar positif dari mak. That’s why I inspire her most. Sampaikan satu tahap, walaupun sakit macam mana sekalipun dugaan yang dihadapi, mesti akan ingat mak cakap;

“setiap kali kita sabar kita dapat pahala”

Ya Allah, Dena. Sebenarnya rasa sedih juga la, sebab tengah tulis2 ni baru terasa macam banyak je hal yang kadang-kala kita membelakangkan mak. Walhal, akhirnya kita anak-anak mesti cari dia juga. Allah dah tetapkan kita ada mak yang membantu, tapi biasa la. Kita anak-anak suka “take for granted”. Tak nampak apa yang ada depan mata. Lebih-lebih lagi jika melibatkan hal cinta. Harap sangat dalam apa jua hal sekalipun, jangan kita derhaka la. In shaa Allah. I pray the best for you jugak Dena. Semoga kita sama2 jadi anak yang solehah. Ameen

Macam melencong je, tapi takpe. Tulis apa yang rasa nak tulis. So, ni la dia sedikit sebanyak. All the best to Dena! Be a good mother and wife.


"I would like to join this contest because I just wanna share my sincere thoughts. Oh ya, satu lagi sebab selalu baca je blog/tweet Dena je. Kali ni macam nak join this contest, maybe we can get to know each other better? Hehe that’s about it la. OK thanks. Salam”

There you go :) best best kan !

inshaaAllah dena akan buat lagi contest in this month. stay tune! :)

Love, DenaBahrin